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Thursday, April 06, 2006

All-White Stop the War March in Liverpool

This article comes from Blunk (BLack Uninformed LiNK):

A sea of white faces

by Shrill Ova-Reaction

STOP THE WAR FOR WHO? That is the question being asked after an all-white 'Stop the War' march took place in Liverpool.

The hundreds of odd protesters who gathered in Liverpool on Friday were nearly all white. Just about the only non-white face was a black woman from America seen near the Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

The Liverpool rally against the war was slammed as anti-Muslim in tone. It had been called as a reaction to the visit of the US Secretary of State or something, but it soon became clear that this was not the real reason for the protest.


Most Muslims appear to have ignored the invitation extended by the organisers from the Stop the War Coalition to attend the demonstration at Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral.

Ebola Izadayo, 36, a city worker from Toxteth and a bystander at the cathedral, said the rally was unwelcoming to those who didn’t ‘fit’.
He added: "It’s not just anti-Islamic, it’s against anything that’s not European."

"It’s anti-Asian."


"It’s anti-Oriental".


"It’s like colonialism all over again."

"And look over there, is that a batty boy or what?" he added

The Muslim Actionable Committee would like to know why this demonstration took place outside a big church and not a mosque. It would seem to us that the Stop the War Coalition is Islamophobic and racist. As far as we can tell it has probably been infiltrated by the BNP and, on this evidence, gays too. This is completely unacceptable.

The Muslim Actionable Committee urges its supporters to oppose the racist, gay-loving organisation known as the Stop The War Coalition.

(Photos from Nordish)