Muslim Actionable Committee

Sunday, April 02, 2006


This was seen on the website of ITV:

Take a step back in time to the magical world of Trumptonshire
"Here is a box, a musical box wound up and ready to play…" In 1966 when these words were first broadcast it signalled the birth of a brand new style of children’s animation. It was created with the new invention of colour television in mind and went onto become a children’s classic, on-air for the next 30 years. Digitally restored for the first time on DVD, TRUMPTON, CAMBERWICK GREEN and CHIGLEY feature all 39 episodes.

I have just watched all 39 episodes and I can tell you now that I did not see one single mosque in the whole of Trumptonshire. The Muslim Actionable Committee calls on the Mayor of Trumpton to grant planning permission for mosques throughout the county. Please write to the Mayor’s office at Trumpton Town Hall to demand he allows this. Our many affiliate organisations in the Campaign for Global Compliancy are already raising funds for mosques in Chigley and Camberwick Green, and for a Grand Mosque in Trumpton, taller even than the Trumpton clock itself, inshaAllah! Soon we hope to give details where our supporters can also donate, inshaAllah again.

It is also with great pleasure that the Muslim Actionable Committee can inform its supporters that the soldiers stationed at Pippin Fort drive along in an army truck, in a humpety bumpety army truck. In their crusade against our Muslim brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan it is quite clear that their equipment, like their will, is crumbling. The resources of the British Army are finite, but the power of Allah is not!