Muslim Actionable Committee

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


We have just received this letter from Stop It - Whatever It Is, one of our supporting organisations, by our sister Yvonne Dudley.

as'salaamu alaykum,

On April 23, an event is being held in England which must cause grave concern to all Muslims. The event’s purpose is to celebrate the so-called "Saint" George, symbol of the racist crusades against Islam. Why is this happening at this time? After the vile cartoons that depict the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, there is really no justification in causing further offence by promoting something that breeds further hatred of Islam. And word has reached me that some people intend to fly a flag which is exactly like that of the evil Denmark, only this time the background is white and the cross is red, and the line which goes from top to bottom is in the middle and not over to the left a bit, but apart from that it’s exactly the same. The message is clear and we as Muslims from all across the world must email Queen Elizabeth and ask that this Day of St George be stopped before it is allowed to become an annual event. I am pleased to announce that already we have support from many allies among the left-wing and the liberal intelligentsia in England. Let us show that if they mess with our brothers and sisters in England, they mess with all of us!

Muwhahahallahu Akbar!

Your sister in Islam
Yvonne Dudley